Getting Ready for Spring

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This is what my studio looks like right now… I’m excited to begin painting on all of these new panels I made over the winter. Looking forward to spring as I prepare to head back to Vermont this weekend to paint with the Putney Painters.


Learning from Richard

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I spent the fall painting with the Putney Painters, I’m so honored that I was given the opportunity to paint with such an amazing group of artists. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time.

Here’s Master Artist Richard Schmid teaching me how to simplify painting a rose – one of many lessons he gave me this fall.


– photo by Michelle Dunaway

The Mellody Boys

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Ryan Mellody’s boys sat for us at the end of a Putney Painters session. It’s always a thrill painting children because you never know how long they can be convinced to sit for. I was having so much fun, I think I forgot to breathe!


Painting Zac at the Piano

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Upstairs at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Zac sat for me for a few hours at the piano. The light was particularly challenging because of the skylight and windows surrounding us, but it was fun listening to him play while painting.


Studying with Casey

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I spent the week studying with Casey Baugh in his Brooklyn studio. Along with many other things, I left the experience realizing the importance of having enough paint on the canvas. It sounds simple, but having the right amount of paint down at the beginning of the portrait allows me to mold the painting in a more accurate way.

Here’s one of the paintings I did during the week.


Freezing Fingers

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I spent the afternoon doing a plein air painting at one of Ithaca’s beautiful waterfalls. It was cold, but what a great day.